Elvis is in the House at Virgin Slots


When you want a little more action it is time jump over to the Virgin Slots Elvis game. Elvis was a master showman and the ELVIS® – A Little More Action™ slots game is a real showpiece. The game has 5 reels that spin faster than Elvis’s hips. You have 50 different pay lines. That is a lot of ways to win, but is the game fun?

The game is filled with star-quality fun. You have the five spinning reels to capture your attention. The low prices for wagers makes the game addictive, just like Elvis’s Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches. The 1-penny starting price makes sure you can enjoy the Elvis game all evening. If you want to bet a little higher, just increase the number of coins you bet, or jump up to 50 pence coins. You have the choice of how many pay lines you want active on each spin, too.

Virgin slots hid a little extra in this game, too. If you spin three bonus symbols, you earn bonus spins that cost nothing, but payout at the level of your last bid. This simple feature adds to the fun and gives you another way to score a victory.

Something you will love about Virgin Slots is their commitment to providing great documentation and support. When you start the Elvis Slots game, you presented with instructions and a chance to practice in a demo mode. You can get a feel for the game before you make your first wager. If you are on a hot streak in demo mode, you may want to jump over into play mode quickly. You want to ride those lucky streaks when they strike.

There are a few times when the written instructions are not enough. You can chat with one of the support team anytime of the day. They are online in the support chat room around the clock. This is the fastest way to get instructions or assistance when you are playing online.

We almost forgot to tell you about one more way to increase your fun. Invite your friends to join you online. You get the added fun of playing with them, and you get special bonuses for referring new customers. It is a great way to extend your playing time without spending more money. Virgin Slots consistently provides the best quality games and the best online slots experience.