Jacks or Better Poker


Jacks or better is one of the most common video poker variants. A sub variant of five card draw, jacks or better is wonderfully suited for being implemented on video poker machines. The game itself is superbly simple, its rules are easy to understand and its appeal is great for all the unskilled people looking for a break playing in a live or online casino. The game is played with an ante which has to be paid by all those who intend to take part in the hand. After the antes are paid, the cards are dealt. In order to be able to play for the pot, players have to have at least a pair of jacks – hence the name of the game.

If there aren’t any players to fulfill the minimum requirements, all the hands are tossed into the middle and players can re-ante to begin a new hand. The video poker variant of the game will not give players their antes back. They simply have to keep anteing up until they hit a pair of jacks or better. If there are players in the hand to fulfill the minimum requirements, the pot is declared open and the betting game begins.

In the case of the video poker version of the game, players are handed preset payouts for the hands that they make following the draw. There isn’t really any sort of a betting game involved in the video poker version except maybe the gambling round through which players can gamble their winnings by attempting to guess the color/suit of the next card to be overturned from a face-down deck.

After the pot is declared open, there is an initial betting round followed by the draw. Players can hold on to one or more of the five cards they received through the deal. After the draw, there’s another betting round and then comes the showdown. The player with the best five card poker hand wins.

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